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Fenlason Finds Treasure on Miami Beach

Michael Fenlason would use an extra set of tires to his advantage and steal the win away from Aaron Mulrooney, Jr to continue a Lockdown Racing grip on the top spot of the podium in ASCORS Grand National Series competition. Polesitter, Derek Justis, would take command of the race and lead the first 25 laps until Isaac Gann would engage in a side by side battle for the lead. Gann would eventually win the battle four laps later until the first caution on lap 41. Justis would take back the lead under the cycle of pitstops and would again lose the lead to Gann who handed the long run portion of the race. Briar LaPradd would emerge as a potential candidate for the win after preserving his tires and taking second place from Justis on lap 90. However, the following green flag pitstop cycle would come to an end on lap 106 after leader, Donovan Strauss, would spin out entering pitroad, bringing out the caution.

Jacob Fisher and Elliott Henderson would take control of the race on the following restart after staying out with six lap old tires. Fenlason, Strauss, and Gann would charge through the field and by lap 115 Strauss would take the lead and begin to leg it out before a caution with two laps to go involving LaPradd and Will Cline would set up the crazy chain of events to follow. Mulrooney, Jr. and Justis would lead the field on old tires to the first Green-White-Checkered restart. Justis would spin his tires causing a seven-car crash on the front straightaway. The second GWC restart would see a five-wide battle for second with a mix of old and new tires where Fenlason, Seth Rawls, and Garrison Hogan would bust through the traffic and ultimately claiming the top three spots on the podium. Fisher and Mulrooney, Jr. would close out the top five.

Aaron Mulrooney, Jr. would end up taking the points lead with Jacob Fisher second just a mere three points behind. Elliott Henderson and Jimmy Mullis are tied for fourth 11 markers back and Derek Justis sits fifth 12 points behind.

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